It’s a Matter of Trust

Our senses are assaulted /insulted more each day, and it doesn’t take much to get into victim mode and conclude that the whole world wants a piece of us. The ones who aren’t trying to take something from us are trying to sell us something, and there’s always someone ready and willing to tell us why we’re wrong and they’re right.

Amid the noise, something worthwhile occasionally shows up, like this composition:

Legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey had a memorable segment on his radio show called, “The Rest of the Story.” Once he’d set the stage, he left us hanging for a commercial before returning with Page 2 and the answer. The rest of the story was unexpected and/or unpredictable.

That was my reaction when I read the “Why did you let all this stuff happen?” conversation with God.

None of us know – we aren’t wired to know – all of His “becauses” in responses to all of our “whys.” I’ve learned to accept that whatever I know is enough, no matter how many questions are left unanswered nor how dissatisfied I might be.

It is in that gulf between “Why?” and “Because” that we choose to accept – or not – that It’s a matter of trust. That is what grows when a mustard seed of faith which will eventually move mountains is nourished.

This is important. It is because of what I do know and have seen that I have chosen to trust God completely. Is it everything? No. Is it enough? Yes.

I wouldn’t trust Joe “Medicare Help Hotline” Namath to sell me anything. I’ll pass when Mr. Haney of Green Acres is in my neighborhood. And I’m not interested in what Monty Hall has behind Door No. 1 on Let’s Make a Deal.

“Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief.”

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